Teleservice platform

Opsyre has its own tele-service platform (support, hotline, …) providing different levels of support.

The OPSYRE IT support service handles the processing and the resolution of incidents by providing answers adapted to the needs of our customers and respecting our Quality of Service, according to the following methodologies :

  • Analyze, translate and formulate a user need into feasibility studies

  • Deploy software remotely

  • Train and advise users in their area of expertise

  • Identify and diagnose a malfunction, a breakdown, the defect of a material, an equipment, an anomaly of a system, specific to its field of activity

  • Install, configure, set up a system, a component, a workstation

  • Maintain and repair a materiel, an equipment, installation and / or system related to his business

  • Plan and coordinate works and / or interventions (maintenance, maintenance and / or installation of materials, tools, equipment, systems …)

  • Reformulate a request (information, intelligence, etc.) and summarize the key points, summarize them

  • Use equipment, diagnostic tools, work and / or control specific to his business

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